Katey & Zach | A Pineapple Themed Fall Wedding | Pineapple Manor

One of the things that I just absolutely love about this job is that it connects and re-connects me with the absolute best people.

Part of my photography journey started when I decided to come home from a college I was attending at in Philly to pursue a potential career in photography. Little did I know at the time where I would be a few years later. I first met Katey when I was attending a community college to knock out some of my general ed or my “required” courses. I was required to take a drawing class, and if you know me at all (or maybe it is something you didn’t know) I cannot for the life of me draw. Anything. I was clearly the worst in the class haha. So I was stuck in this drawing class with zero drawing talent what so ever, and in comes Katey! We were, by the grace of God, seated at the same table and she instantly became my saving grace in that class. I was SO thankful to have a seat next to such a kind, genuine, and lovely lady! We spent classes chatting and connecting the dots of people that we both knew in the Lancaster area.

Fast forward a few more years and Katey reached out to me saying that she is engaged to this amazing guy Zach and I could not have been more excited for her! We met for coffee and she filled me in on all of the details of her day and of Zach and their relationship and it was just the best. I also may have brought up some memories from drawing class as well ;)

Katey & Zach had the most perfect fall day for their wedding and I loved how Katey incorporated Pineapple accents into their day to go along with their venue, The Pineapple Manor. The love that these two have for each out, their families, and the Lord was so evident and I was truly celebrating right alongside of them! So, like always, a few of my favorite parts of their day were:

  1. All of the charming characteristics of the Pineapple Manor! This house was stocked full of fun and colorful decor, unique wallpaper, and the best wrap around porch and yellow front door you have ever seen!

  2. Katey & Zach’s bridal party! They were so much fun and you could tell they were SO happy for the two of them and to stand beside them!

  3. Katey followed Irish tradition and put a coin in the bottom of her shoe for good luck. Oh, and she wore pineapple socks ;)

  4. Zach & his beloved dog Zeus got to share a moment together and it was the cutest :)

  5. We had the best sunset! I am still giddy about these October skies!

Katey & Zach, thank you so much for letting me be apart of your big day! It was truly the best! :) I wish you many many years of happiness and love and I can’t wait to hear all about your Ireland adventures! :)

Much love,