Jami & Dylan | An Intimate and Family Oriented Wedding | The Booking House

There could not have been a more beautiful day…

for Jami & Dylan’s wedding. If you’re in the Lancaster area, you know we have been receiving the most confusing weather for the last month or two. But looking past the bright sunny day and the gorgeous sunset we were blessed with, was the really beautiful part; Jami and Dylan and their love for the Lord, each other, and their closest family and friends.

Jami is one of those girls who lights up a room when she walks in. Her smile and her laugh are contagious and she makes everyone feel loved and important. She has been a wonderful friend for the last couple of years, after we found out at a soccer camp in high school that our parents actually knew each other and that we would have met before when we were toddlers. When I found out that Jami had met a guy (Dylan) and the way she spoke about him and about his family, I knew that they would end up together. Dylan has loved Jami so well and I am so thankful their paths crossed. Your love for the Lord is truly evident in the way that you love each other and everyone you meet.

Jami & Dylan, I wish you the best as you embark on this journey of marriage! May the Lord continue to bless you both!